Popular cross-breed dogs and their charming points

Recently, “cross-breed dog” are often showcased at pet shops. “What is a cross-breed dog in the first place?” “Is it different from a hybrid?” Have you ever thought like that? In this article, we will introduce how cross-breed dogs were born and why they are attractive. Later, 5 popular cross-breed dogs are listed up, so don’t miss it! What’s the difference between a Hybrid mutt and a Cross-Mixed dog? Both a hybrid and a cross-mixed...


Benefits of homemade dog-food toppers and 3 easy recipes

What do you feed your dog every day? I guess many pet parents feed their pups with only dry kibble, but if you add a dog-food topper, it would become a tasty treat to your pup. Here I list up the benefits of homemade dog-food toppers and introduce you my recipes for my pups which I’m actually using at home. Advantages of homemade dog-food toppers Your dog never get tired of eating. If you feed...


Don’t feed human ice cream to your puppy! How to make dog-safe ice cream

Summer is the season you want to eat something chilly and so does your dog. When my family enjoy ice cream after meals, my dog Toy Pooh keeps looking at us saying like “Where is mine?”. I try not to give the little one human food, so of course I can’t feed the ice cream either! Some owners may be tempted to feed a bite of ・・・ when their dogs are on the scrounge. But...


Otemachi Bokujo near Tokyo station -free things to do in tokyo-

This article includes information as of “End of December 2019”. Do you know there is ‘Otemachi Bokujo’ right in the center of Tokyo where you can come in contact with animals such as cows, goats and pigs? ‘Otemachi Bokujo’ raises more than 50 animals on one floor of an office building! What does a farm in a high-rise building look like? This time, I’m going to report ‘Otemachi Bokujo’ in an office building in front...

ハロウィンの仮装をした犬 A dog dressed up for Halloween

Japanese Halloween costumes and Handmade treats ideas for Dog!

Japanese people are getting more into Halloween recently. Halloween events are held in various places, and Halloween decorations are displayed in towns and shops, and it becomes lively. Streets in Tokyo’s Shibuya on Halloween night are crowded with many dressed people in costumes to celebrate Halloween. ‘How do you want to enjoy Halloween??’ I think most pet owners want to enjoy Halloween with their pets! How to enjoy Halloween with your dog? dress up Many people dress...


6 Best Animal Attractions and Park in Kansai

Harvest Hill in Osaka Harvest Hill is an interactive agricultural park filled with nature surrounded by seasonal flowers. The site is about the size of eight Koshien Stadium. It is roughly divided into the area of the town and the area of the village across the suspension bridge. Each area is full of unique plays. In the town area, there are facilities where you can play by moving your body, such as an aerial...