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Let’s go to the exhibition of Akita dogs!


This year’s “Akita dog” is a hot topic.

We had a fateful encounter five years ago and have been living with Akita dogs.

The world of a deep Akita dog that I started keeping as a pet and stepped into with my doting dog.

We would like to introduce you to the world of Akita dogs, and this time we will talk about the theme of the best stage “exhibition”!

What is an exhibition or a dog show?

Organized by a group that publishes pedigree books, a dog show is held to leave better seeds for future generations of good dogs.

The name of dog show changes depending on the group.

The Japan Kennel Club (JKC) calls it “Dog show”.

The Japan Dog Preservation Society calls it “Tenrankai”. (The grandson group of the Japan Dog Preservation Society calls it “Hinpyoukai”.).

The Akita Dog Preservation Society calls it “Tenrankai”.

Good performance at the exhibition is a goal not only for dogs but also for the people who made them.

What is the Akita Dog Preservation Exhibition about?

This is a must-see event for those who are involved with Akita dogs (Fans, breeders, handlers, etc.). The dogs are judged according to the Akita Dog Standard (Age, gender, size, skeleton, composition, appearance, hair color, teeth alignment, etc.) and are chosen as the best among them.

What Akita dogs are in the exhibition?

If the following conditions are met, you can participate in the exhibition if you pay the fee.

*The owner is a member of the Akita Dog Preservation Association.
*Your Akita dog must be a standard dog.
*Your Akita dog is not castrated or contraceptive.

*Standard is a standard to check if your body size is enough or if your hair is too long. There are pros and cons.

In the case of my home.

I thought my pet dog had nothing to do with participating in the exhibition.

In the first place, I felt that dogs appearing in competitions such as the Akita Dog Exhibition were from a different world.

First of all, exhibition dogs are not allowed to do tricks such as sitting and holding.

In the exhibition link, dogs are not allowed to sit down and lie down.

The dogs have to be able to stand still.

I thought that the world where our dog from the shop lives is different.

I made friends through SNS and the Internet, and I came to know that it is OK to see the exhibition even if it is an Akita dog that is kept as an ordinary person or a pet, so I decided to visit.

(It is a secret that I was attracted to the free admission.)

There are two kinds of exhibits.


An individual examination called “first instance” is conducted, and examiners carefully examine about 70 items such as 1 animal, whether the body height is adequate and the tail is neatly curled, appearance, shape, coat color, and oral examination (Tooth alignment, black spots on tongue, etc.).

After finishing “first instance” in the morning, there will be a break and then “second instance”.

In the “second instance”, dogs of the same age are lined up at the same time and compared.

A comparative examination is not an individual examination but an examination within a group.

Then each class ranking is determined.

An adult dog may also be given the title “special excellent dog” for short, “Tokuyu” to a particularly good dog.

“Tokuyu” is not an award that is given every time, but is given to a truly excellent dog, so if the award is given to a dog on a field trip, it means that he or she has met a candidate for a future honor award.

The honor award is given only to the true king of the national exhibition (Only twice in spring and autumn). (And sometimes they don’t even get the second chance.)

The “honor award” is not always presented every time, so this is also a valuable award.

The dog lovers, breeders, and handlers involved with Akita Dog are taking care of the dog seriously every day with the aim of “Tokuyu” and “honor award”.


WHAT DOES “Kuran” MEAN? I think so, too.

“Kuan” is not judged and there is no ranking, but the handler takes the lead like the dog to be judged and walks with the dog in the place called rink.

There are no rankings or reviews, but many young dogs submit their dogs to “Kuran” to get used to them.


Dogs who come to see the exhibition are scouted, and sometimes they try to do it.

As you wander around the hall, you are scouted by Akita dog lovers, breeders, and handlers because of the dog’s way of walking, appearance, and attitude.

“Your dog is too good to be a pet. You should put him in the exhibition.”

My dog was scouted like this.

When I was wearing the bandana harness, I was immediately seen wearing only a simple collar and a leash, and I was checked to see if I could stand up in a way unique to the exhibition.

If you are scouted, no one feels bad …!

I feel like trying out an exhibition.

In the end, I decided not only to see the exhibition but also to participate.

It may be a tough game, but it may be necessary to enjoy the exhibition.

How can I get my dog to the exhibition?

If you buy an Akita dog from a breeder or a pet shop, you will receive a pedigree document a few months later.

When the pedigree arrives, the owner (owner) on the pedigree is still the breeder (mother dog owner).

Many people who are not thinking about putting it in an exhibition or joining a preservation society leave the owner’s name as it is.

If you want to participate in an exhibition or a preservation society, change the name of the owner to your own.

In our case, we joined the Akita Dog Preservation Society and changed the name of the owner at the same time, and it became our exhibition debut.

I had the image of “an exhibition filled with abusive voices” in my boots and work clothes, but that’s not the case.

The average age is a little bit older, but when you talk to them, they will give you advice on how to feed your dog, how to exercise, and how to care for it.

Most of all, there are many people who are concerned about the fact that the number is decreasing rapidly in Japan.

Everyone, please tell me your thoughts, passion and everything about Akita dogs.

Even though I am in the middle age in this world, I am in the younger group in this world.

General Akita dogs are also visiting the exhibition.

I am very moved to see a lot of Akita dogs that I rarely see.

Breeders sometimes bring a toddler, Puppy.

Manners at the exhibition

When you visit the exhibition, please observe the following manners!

*not speaking loudly
*Don’t touch the dog.
*Keep your dog away from the link
*Don’t give snacks to your dog near the link
*Keep an eye on your dog

That’s all.

Of course, you should have good toilet manners for your dog.

Take your garbage home with you.


The exhibition is closed in the middle of summer and winter.

Meanwhile, everyone is brushing and training their dogs for the next season.

As one of the three major hobbies of middle-aged and older men in Japan

1. Nishikigoi
2. Akita dogs
3. Bonsai

People say that, but once you enter the world of exhibition, you may be attracted by the charm of Akita dogs.

There are blog and SNS mini-off events a little far from the link, so please feel free to go to the exhibition!