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  • “Torinoiru Cafe Yanaka”(Bird cafe), Tokyo Japan

“Torinoiru Cafe Yanaka”(Bird cafe), Tokyo Japan


If you don’t have a bird but want to touch them, or you want to go see them, Let’s go to the bird cafe!

Bird cafe is a cafe where you can interact with birds while drinking tea, and it is a spot irresistible for bird lovers.

I actually went to the bird cafe this time, so I will report it!

Torinoiru Cafe Yanaka (Bird cafe Yanaka)

I visited “Torinoiru Cafe Yanaka” in Yanaka.

It is a 5 minute walk from Nezu Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

I arrived a little before 13 o’clock and entered the store as soon as it opened.

The garden with colorful roses and cute signboard have a wonderful appearance.

What surprised me was that there was a big parrot in the cage in front of the shop.

It was cute to look at me quietly.

When we enter the cafe, we were greeted by many birds!

At first, disinfect your hands and shoes, then go inside.

If it’s your first time, the shop staff will explain the system and points to be careful, so you don’t have to worry.

There is no time limit except when it’s crowded, so you can relax and enjoy touching.

The fee is 1,500 yen for drinking and 1,800 yen for drinking .

You can choose from coffee, tea and juice, and I ordered flavored tea. The sweet fragrance and refreshing taste of chocolate were very delicious.

Right next to my seat was the room with parakeets, and I was happy to be able to observe through the window.

I can see owls and hedgehogs from other seats, and it’s good that I can enjoy sitting.

Finally it’s time to toughing the bird!

There are 2 rooms with birds inside and you can enter freely.

The first room I entered was a room with owls, parakeets and pigeons.

The owls were staring at me for the first time, so I entered with the feeling that I would like to visit them.

In contrast to owls, which are quiet and seldom sing, parakeets are very lively.

Since the brothers are in a cage, you can see them playing and grooming each other, which is very cute! Just looking at it made me feel better.

Owls can touch their heads softly.

It was softer and softer than I expected, and I wanted to touch it all the time.

The other room was a large with vivid orange walls and a large owl.

There is a perch near the ceiling, and you can feel the impact when looking down.

We can touch other owl, but I didn’t have the courage to touch it.

■White owl “Silo”. 

There were owls not only in the room but also in the aisle.

This is Shiro, the white owl.

You can’t touch it because he doesn’t like to be touched, but you can go close and observe it.

According to the shop staff, he is relieved to know that they won’t touch it, so he stands in the aisle to welcome customers.

■The owl “Fukumaru”. 

This time, my favorite owl is “Fukumaru”.

When she came to the shop, she was scared and didn’t want to be touched, but now she let me touch so quietly that I don’t feel it.

Maybe it felt good when I stroked her head, but the way she was closed her eyes, it so cute that I I touched her many times.

■camellia parakeet “Ringo”. 

The camellia parakeet “Ringo” was near the shop door. It’s a cute name, but it’s a boy.

He speaks various words.

Extra Service

For about 10 minutes per 1 table, you can touch the birds coming to the table.

We can touch pigeons, parakeets and hedgehogs!

I chose a hedgehog.

I thought it was about the size of a hamster, but it was unexpectedly big!

I was moved by my first experience.


You can buy bird goods such as owl T-shirts, stuffed animals and small articles.

The design well reproduces the features and charm of each bird.


I visited on a weekday, so I was able to interact with the birds who had few customers and liked them comfortably.

When I went around the cafe and touched the birds, enjoyed it for about two hours.

The birds in the shop are also sold, so if you are thinking about having one, please go and find your favorite one.

Please check the official website for details of the cafe with birds.

I visited Yanaka cafe this time, but there is also Asakusa cafe.

Address 1F, ST-Building, 2-3-16, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0001, Japan
TEL 03-6721-0220
URL https://toricafe.co.jp/en/roppongi-en


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