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  • Piccolo Zoo(Reptile and Animal Cafe), Tokyo Japan

Piccolo Zoo(Reptile and Animal Cafe), Tokyo Japan


Reptile at the Piccolo Zoo

Piccolo Zoo has meerkats, ferrets, chinchillas, and other small animals.

At first, I met a Bengal cat and her kitten playing, which is very cute.

When I looked around the cage, there was a reptile like this.

■The sign says, “Bite!”

The reptile that may bite can also be touched on their own responsibility.

This is Nicole of Ball Python.

■very beautiful snake!

You can stroke it with a calm snake.

In Piccolo Zoo, if you want to touch anything other than the hamster in the center of the room, we ask the manager to bring us from the cage.

The next one was a Central bearded dragon.

He was friendly and very quiet.

The difference between the softness of the skin of the stomach and the texture of the spines was interesting, and I had an impression that if I pay attention to his nails, even an elementary school student could hold a child by himself.

The next one was a Greek turtle.

When I was touching the turtle saying it was cute and cute, the turtle pooped.

The manager came right away to clean up, but I heard that turtles smell of droppings even though they are herbivores.

We didn’t know the smell of droppings because they were disposed of in an instant, but it is strange that droppings smell more than omnivorous reptiles.

Finally, the leopard gecko that my daughter wanted to touch came.

The leopard gecko was so active that it kept moving, climbing up a person’s arm and crawling around his back.

mammalian at the Piccolo Zoo

■friendly and cute!

Piccolo Zoo has male and female meerkats, but according to the manager, males have stronger body odors than females because they have odor glands.

The hamsters were all sound asleep, so I just looked up.

■The hamsters were all asleep.

Chinchillas are also at Piccolo Zoo.

Chinchillas are physically very capable and it is difficult to catch them if they run away, so we can be touched by putting our hands inside the cage.

※viewer warning※Lets feed them

You can give snacks for 100 yen each time.

My daughter wanted to try it, so I asked the manager.

“What? The snack is a live insect, is it ok?”

I was shocked to hear that.

However, my daughter who has been looking at the case with insects in the shop is very happy.

And the manager took it out of the insect cage.



It was a live cockroach…!

I thought the raw food was crickets or grasshoppers!

But according to the manager, the cockroach is herbivorous and beautiful.

Asian cockroaches are the only omnivorous creatures that appear in garbage dumps and toilets, and the South American cockroaches, eaten by reptiles, are far from filthy.

The feathers are also degenerate, making it look like a giant pill bug.

■Was the fresh snack delicious?

Both my daughter and I had a lot of precious experiences, and we spent 90 minutes in an instant.


The address is on the 3rd floor of -1 -16 Masuko Building, Nishi-Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo.

You can walk from several stations including Tawaramachi Station and Asakusa Station.

The easiest way to get there is from Tawaramachi Station on the Ginza Line.

When you get to the ground from Exit 3, go straight in the direction where you can see a bakery.

When you see a red tavern lantern on your left, turn left on the path ahead. Piccolo Zoo is on the third floor of a building that you can see the entrance right on your left.

They open until 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 and close every Friday.

You can also check out Piccolo Zoo’s website or Twitter for more information about the holidays, especially on weekends.

You can stay for unlimited hours on weekdays, but there is a 90 minute time limit on Saturdays and Sundays. The price is 1200 yen on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays for children over 3 years old with a drink.


I feel that Piccolo Zoo is a recommended reptile cafe because they can tell us about how animals live and how to touch them.

If you’d like to go to a reptile cafe in Tokyo or touch the reptile, Let’s got to Piccolo Zoo!!