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  • Sakura Cat- Infertility Treatment for Japanese Stray Cats

Sakura Cat- Infertility Treatment for Japanese Stray Cats


When you see a stray cat, have you ever noticed that your ears are cut?

You may have thought that you got hurt because of the fight, but it actually shows that you have undergone neutering.

If a cat living outside has a broken ear, it is a proof of being cherished by others.

This time, we will introduce you to the so-called “Sakura cat” cat with its ears cut, and the importance of neutering cats.

I would be happy if I could learn about neutering cats and think about their happiness.

About Sakura Cat

This name comes from the fact that it looks like a cherry blossom petal by making a V-shaped cut in the tip of a stray cat’s ear.

The mark indicates whether the person has had surgery and prevents the person from being captured.

You may feel sorry for cutting your ear, but it doesn’t hurt because it is cut while the anesthesia is working.

There is almost no bleeding.

Basically, the right ear is cut for males and the left ear is cut for females.

You can tell the sex of the child you met at a glance.

Benefits of neutering

Surgery removes the testes in males and the uterus and ovaries in females.

There are some people who feel reluctant to have surgery even though they are not sick, but there are many advantages to surgery.

One of them is the prevention of disease.

It can prevent diseases of the uterus and diseases with a high malignant rate and a risk of death called mammary gland tumors.

Also, cats are fertile animals, so if you don’t neuter them, they will increase in no time.

The number of stray cats that have not undergone surgery has increased as they give birth to children, and even if they are captured, they are killed due to lack of foster parents.

We have seen this terrible situation.

To reduce the number of cats you kill, don’t increase them.

It is said that the number of people who are killed is decreasing because of the efforts of those who perform surgery even if it takes time and money.

In the long run, neutering plays an important role in making all cats happy.


Since 2005, the “Animal Health Foundation” has been conducted nationwide in cooperation with the government and NPOs.

A total of 80,000 cats were operated on in 2018.

Neutering is free and funded by donations from people who support the initiative.

Anyone can donate on the official website, so if you want to support TNR(Trap,Neuter,Return), please visit it.

“Sakura cat free sterilization ticket” is also published for individuals who wish to conduct TNR.



Did you learn about the importance of neutering cats?

There are misunderstandings about neutering, so if you are in such a situation, it is important to convey correct knowledge.

We human beings need to think so that all cats, whether domestic cats or stray cats, can live a happy cat life.