4 Charms of Black Cats


What kind of image do you have toward black cats?

The black body with shining round eyes is somewhat mysterious.

In Japan, it has been loved for a long time as it is used for theme of books and music.

However, if you look at Europe, it seems black cats are not so popular.

In Europe, some still believe superstitions such as “a black cat brings bad luck”. It is said that black cats tend to be abused or have less chance to be taken from a cat shelter due to the superstition.

I heard nowadays some stop keeping a black cat selfishly because it doesn’t look good on Instagram.

I want more people to know how cute black cats are!

So this time, I am going to list up attractive points of black cats!

Black cats look very sweet!

You may feel it hard to take a good photo of a black cat, as its body is entirely black.

But the cuteness becomes very outstanding when you can take a perfect shot.

I feel that a black cat’s eyes stand out compared to the other color kittens.

It can be said that black cats’ eyes look more beautiful thanks to the black surrounding.

When it stares at you with round eyes, it can steal your heart.

Most black cats have either green or hazel eyes.

It’s interesting that each black cat has each different impression depending on eye colors and facial features.

Both black cats with short hair and ones with long hair have their own cuteness.

The breed of short-haired black cat is called Bombay.

A Bombay has a small body like black leopard, a beautiful shiny coat and orange-tan eyes called copper.

Other than that, black cats are sometimes born from American Shorthair or Munchkin.

It is said that as black hair color is reproduced from a recessive inheritance, the possibility of being a black hair cat is low.

What kind of personality do black cats have?


In general, cats are cautious and prefer to act alone, but black cats are a little different.

There are individual differences off course, but they are more friendly and coquettish than other cats.

That is really sweet despite of their cool look.

Thanks to this personality, it can be said that it is easy to keep a black cat even if you have a cat for the first time or a family with children.

It’s good idea to spend time together with your black cat as much as possible and play with it a lot.


Black cats are smart and watch their owners’ action well.

It seems they are able to act by reading the situation.

In addition, thanks to their cleverness, some black cats can understand its owner’s words or even imitate them.

If you live with it, you might be surprised how smart it is.

Stick to something

It is said that black cats are particular in their tastes and picky about food.

Some of them seems to eat only homemade food.

Also, some are particular about their toilets and beds.

You may need to figure out what your black kitten likes.

Kind and peaceful

Many black cats are kind to people and other cats.

They don’t attack other cats even if the owner have any other one. They are kindly enough to take care of others.

I heard one case that a black cat became a parent of kittens instead of the true one that was not good at raising, and took care of them until kittens became adults.

It can be said that they have a maternal instinct.

If you have a child or already have other cats, you may be worried if new black kitten can get along with your child or other pets.

Of course, each cat has each personality, but it might be a good idea to consider welcoming a black cat.

Do the males and females have different personalities?

The males are more friendly, and many of them seem to be able to get along with not only their owners but also other humans.

The females are more cautious than the males, and they sometimes keep a little distance from humans other than their owners.

I think some of you live with your families and some live alone so when deciding which cat you welcome to your house, it would be good to take into consideration the sex as well.

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a day to rediscover black cats’ charms and love them!

Black Cat Appreciation Day was established to let people know more about the goodness of black cats.

August 17th has been designated as Black Cats Appreciation Day by conservation groups around the world to help many black cats find new families and have happy life with them.

On this day, many photos of black cats are uploaded on SNS.

I feel very happy just by looking at the black cats that are unique and cute!

If you already have a black cat, why don’t you join this event and show off your cute one?

If you don’t have a cat, it would be great that you become aware of its attraction by looking at those photos and videos, and even think about adopting a black kitten from shelters.


Today I introduced 4 appeal points of black cats. Do you like it?

You might have been scared of them or have thought they were not friendly before you read my article. If I could erase the bad image of black cats, I would be very pleased.

In my case, when I met a black cat for the first time, she looked at me with relaxed face while other ones were very cautious.

Black cats are friendly, spoiled, and kind to you. The personality is different form the appearance, so it would surely catch your heart.

I hope more cats including black cats will be able to meet good families and enjoy their happy lives.


Release date:2019/09/29  updated:2020/03/31