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  • mipig cafe Harajyuku- Experience with micro pigs

mipig cafe Harajyuku- Experience with micro pigs


What is Micro Pig?

It’s a very small pig that was bred in the UK.

It commonly grow only up to 18 ~ 40 kg.

It’s so clean and smart so that it can easily remember where is the bathroom and even “Sit down” or “Jump” just like a dog if you train it.

Also, it is less likely to cause allergies than dogs and cats, so it is recommended for those who have given up having pets due to allergies.

『Mipig Cafe Harajyuku』

You just go out of JR Harajuku Station and go along Takeshita Street, and can find the cafe “Mipig Café Harajuku” just after going off the Street.

The landmark is a big wooden entrance in the center of the brick building.

■It’s like picture-book scenery! I got excited at the entrance.

■After leaving your shoes and luggage in the locker, wash your hands with soap.

■After washing your hands, you also disinfect your hands!

When we entered the cafe, there were 3 private rooms lined up, and we were guided to a private room called ‘Kino-Ouchi (Wooden House)’.

■Wooden House

The private room on the right is the house of “straw” and the one on the left is the house of “brick”.

Oh, is this…

Yes! 『Mipig Cafe Harajyuku』 mirrors a world of the picture book “The Three Little Pigs”!

The interior of the room made with great care and cute!

■Straw House Interior. Stump like cushions and Straw is on the light!

■The cute wolf is also well reproduced. Pig, run!

■The lights are like the pig’s nose!

■There is a sofa for the pigs on the floor. How pig-first!

We saw some pigs walking around. A pig is on the knees of a customer who come to the shop with a parent. How friendly they are! 

Soon after sitting down in the private room, a pig came to play right away.

The pig came to sit, relaxed and kept its body still on my knees.

Oh, it is alright? Don’t you think it’s too defenceless?

Of course, I’m happy though!

How to touch with Micro Pig

・The pig doesn’t like their feet coming off the flour, so you are not supposed to hold it.
・If the pig comes closer and gets on your lap, you can pet it.
・Keep your fingers away from its mouth because it has poor eyesight. (You may be bitten as it expects to be fed)

It loves to nestle into the space between your lap or put its chin on your arm. Sometimes it just sit there for about 10 minutes… how lovely!!

■Look! He is friendly! Can’t believe this is the first time to meet him!

■5-month-old Stella. He fell asleep comfortably for about 15 minutes.

Café Menu

Picture above shows a pig doughnut sold only the Harajuku café.

It’s too cute to eat! (Of course I ate though.)

Pig’s ears are made of nuts and have a crispy texture.

Not only the doughnut, a pig cake will be sold only for weekends.

Please order and enjoy those cute sweets.

■Too cute to eat! Cute pig doughnut!

■It’s so cute! I could just eat him up! (You can!)

Entry fee

There are two plans,”Standard plan” you can spend time in the common room costs 1,000 yen per 30 minutes without tax (one drink to be ordered). Drinks are from 600 yen.

“Private room plan” costs 500 yen per 30 minutes for one room in addition to the above “Standard plan” fee.

According to the staff, if you choose a private room, you will surely be able to find 1 ~ 2 dogs in your room, so if you absolutely want to touch them, we recommend a private room.

If you come with 5 friends and split the bill, you can use a private room for 100 yen, which is reasonable!

When the store is not busy in the morning right after opening, It is highly possible for you to touch lots of pigs in the common room So if you want to be surrounded by many pigs, I recommend to visit the cafe in the weekday morning.

*Need to book in advance for Mipig Cafe

Story of opening『Mipig Cafe』

I listened to the story the Micro Pig Cafe opened.

Staff: It was originally started from our staff’s idea that he want to raise a Micro Pig in Japan as he loves exotic animals. After visiting a Micro Pig farm in Wales in the UK, we were able to build a farm in Yamanashi Prefecture with a lot of support through crowdfunding.
Initially, it was planned to operate as a pettng farm in Yamanashi as a way of regional revitalization…
Me: Did something unexpected happen ?
Staff: In September 2018, just as we were preparing, classical swine fever broke out in Japan.
Me: What a timing! Animal cafe seems to have a high risk of infection, doesn’t it?
Staff: That’s right. We thought it was hard to make such a farm where pigs come into contact with many and unspecified people. Then our company changed the plan and started to produce a micro pig cafe in Tokyo. Since then, everything is proceeded at a rapid pace, from finding a place to preparing a menu.
Me: The Meguro cafe opened in March, 2019, so it must have been very busy for half a year. Is there almost no risk of swine fever infection for pigs if they are living indoor and kept in a cafe?
Staff: Swine fever is a contagious disease of wild boars, so it is not transmitted to humans, but there is a possibility that it is transmitted to pigs through humans. Therefore we bar people, who have a traveling history to countries such as China, where African swine fever has occurred, within a week or who have visited pig houses within two days.
Me: Then, if you just arrived in Japan yesterday or so, it can be difficult even if you want to come.
Staff: Yes, therefore many foreigners who come to our café tend to be long-stay travellers. At Meguro store, about 1/3 of all customers are from overseas.
Me: Wow! That’s great! The Harajuku store seems to have a higher ratio.
Staff: Harajuku is a popular area for inbound travellers to Japan, so we have many English-speaking foreign staff. Animal cafes like Mipig Cafe have a unique Japanese culture and there are no such cafes overseas, so they are very popular as one of the sightseeing spots in Japan.

*Classical swine fever: a disease of pigs and wild boars. It is characterized by high fever (About 40 degrees) and a high fatality rate. It is highly contagious, but it does not infect humans. In September 2018, swine cholera was confirmed in a pig farm in Gifu Prefecture. It was the first time in 26 years since swine cholera occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1992. Please check the Gifu HP (https://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/kinkyu-juyo-joho/tonkorera-h30.html) for more information on swine fever.


The figure of the pig walking around, his small eyes and its trademark charming nose.

Whatever it is, it is lovely!

Please experience this cuteness at a micro pig café!

*Bonus: Look at the cute movements of the micro pigs (Audio) ♪