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  • Otemachi Bokujo near Tokyo station -free things to do in tokyo-

Otemachi Bokujo near Tokyo station -free things to do in tokyo-


This article includes information as of “End of December 2019”.

Do you know there is ‘Otemachi Bokujo’ right in the center of Tokyo where you can come in contact with animals such as cows, goats and pigs?

‘Otemachi Bokujo’ raises more than 50 animals on one floor of an office building!

What does a farm in a high-rise building look like?

This time, I’m going to report ‘Otemachi Bokujo’ in an office building in front of Tokyo Station.

Why is the farm sited in the heart of Tokyo?

Otemachi Bokujo is located on the 13th floor of “JOB HUB SQUARE” the headquarters building of Pasona Group, Inc., known as a temp agency.

The Otemachi Bokujo is operated by Tango Kingdom Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Pasona Group. The farm is designed to develop human resources who are interested in dairy farming and engage in local industries. That’s why it is situated on the upper floor of an office building.

What kind of animals are there in Otemachi Bokujo?

Goats and alpacas


The cafe in Otemachi Bokujo is directly connected to the elevator hall, and from there you go through the double doors to the farm area where animals stay.

When I entered the farm, left hand side was surrounded by a fence, and goats and alpacas were grazed in the front side of the area. Although you can’t go inside the fence, you can stroke animals over the fence.

Originally miniature pigs should have been there, but when I visited, the exhibition of miniature pigs was cancelled due to swine fever, and mainly only goats were in the feeding space.

You can feed goats and alpacas, and probably pigs (A cup of carrot and cabbage is 300 yen).

At Otemachi Bokujo, even young children can enjoy themselves. Those who are afraid of giving food with work gloves can use a scoop.


When I visited there on Saturday, half of the customers were families with children between 2 and elementary school age and half were adults groups, and the scoop was very popular among the children.

There were many friendly goats, so even though I didn’t have snacks, some goats came close hoping me to stroke, and some rubbed their heads against my hands.


You can watch a goat show if you like. When my daughter watched a goat crossing a bridge at the signal of a zookeeper, she was very excited and said, “It looks like from a picture book of The Three Billy Goats Gruff (World Masterpiece Picture Book Series)!“.


Jersey cows, ponies, flamingos, scarlet ibises, silky fowl

There were Jersey cows that have been feeding on grass.

I was wondering why there was no animal smell in the farm even though there were such big animals.

■Jersey cow

There was one alpaca.

His face was very cute, but he seemed to be aggressive. When a goat approached his feeding place, he got angry and threatened him.


There was a sign board “Please do not give food to pony.” on the fence and pony seemed to have no interest in humans, it may be because he knew he wouldn’t get any food.

They didn’t come close, but they were cute.


Flamingos, scarlet ibises and silky fowls were in the same fence.

■Flamingos, scarlet ibises, silky fowl



In the back of the room, there are four species of owls: Eurasian Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Northern White-faced Owl and Brown Wood Owl.

You can’t touch owls and other birds including flamingos since you can approach them only up to a certain distance.

Quiz and exhibition are also interesting!

At Otemachi Bokujo, you can spend a relaxing time not only touching animals, but also challenging quizzes on the walls and looking at exhibits.


The quiz posted on the wall is like this.

・When is the milk day?
・Why does a white film form when milk is warmed?
・How is cow’s milk sterilized in the factory?

There are three given answers to choose, it’s quite difficult, isn’t it? There were many things that even adults could learn by looking at the commentary.

In addition, the hair of alpaca that had just been cut can be touched freely. It was very popular among children who were scared of touching big animals although they came all the way.

■Very popular! alpaca hair

The cafe


You can eat delicious dairy products in the spacious cafe!

Since only small number of people can enter Otemachi Bokujo at one time, you can enjoy relaxing time in both the farm and café area.

The cafe space is spacious, there is a kids’ play area next to window with plenty of toys, so the cafe is also a great place for families with young children.

The interior was elaborately designed with a bench shaped like a horse or a pig and there is a large horse ornament. My daughter looked around with interest with an elementary school girl who came to see it at the same time.

In the cafe, eating area are separated from kids’ play area, so it is good that children wouldn’t cause trouble to run close to eating customers.

Cafe does not offer a lunch menu, but you can enjoy rich soft ice cream, cafe latte and yogurt made with plain milk.

The prices are all around 300 yen. The amount was not too much, the taste was delicious. I thought it was a reasonable price.

You can experience to make ice cream and butter!

At this cafe, you can have a Shokuiku (dietary education) workshop of making ice cream or butter on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2pm.

(Reservation and fee required)

If I have a chance, I would like to participate in those workshop and find out how delicious ice cream is made.

Indoor farm is child-friendly.

In recent years, It is said that more families go to zoos with their young children because child’s immunity seems to have boosted if he is exposed to animals.

This theory seems to be controversial among doctors, but in any case, you would have more fun to go out if you get used to animals from an early age.

It is hard even for adults to visit the zoo in the middle of summer and winter, but if you go to an indoor farm, you don’t have to be worried about the weather. As an indoor farm like Otemachi Bokujo has many places for washing and disinfecting hands, it must be the best place for baby and toddlers to contact with animals for the first time.

Access to Otemachi Bokujo and its opening hours

It is located in “JOB HUB SQUARE” right in front of Tokyo Station, it’s just 1 minute walk from Nihonbashi exit of the station.

The closest access from Otemachi Station is the B8 exit, which is directly connected to the first basement floor of the building.

Otemachi Bokujo open from Monday to Saturday, and the opening hours are 12pm to 6pm during weekdays and 12pm to 5pm on Saturday.

The admission fee is free. On the day of the reservation, you tell your name at the general reception on the first floor, receive an admission card, go up to the 13th floor individually, and enter the farm.

Please make a reservation on the official website.

Name of the facility Pasona Otemachi Bokujo
Official website https://www.pasonagroup.co.jp/otemachi_bokujo/
Address The 13th floor of JOB HUB SQUARE, 2 -6 -2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours Weekdays: 12pm to 6pm, Saturdays: 12pm to 5pm
*We are closed on Sundays and national holidays.
*Operating from January 17 in 2020
Remarks Online application is required in advance for both tour and workshop.


When you hear the word “farm in the city center of Tokyo”, many people may think like “Why did they build a farm in such a place?” or “Do the animals get stressed out?”.

It’s true that we can’t just graze them freely on a large site like an outdoor farm, but I got an impression that all the animals in Otemachi Bokujo are clean, healthy, and have a relaxed personality.

When I went to a farm before, I had a sad experience of being surrounded by alpacas and being robbed of vegetables in buckets, and other alpacas who couldn’t get food spat on me. I was a little moved by the fact that many animals at Otemachi Bokujo were generous and liked to get stroke, saying that you could caress even if you don’t give them foods.

Please make a reservation and visit Otemachi Bokujo which is easy to stop by when you go shopping.