16 dog ear shapes


Even if you say “dog” in a word, there are various canine breeds.

Different breeds of dogs have different personalities and temperaments, and they look very different.

This time let’s focus on dog ear shapes.

How many types of ears do you think dogs have?

In fact, dog ear shapes are classified minutely more than expected.

Here are 16 dog ear shapes with pictures.

Origin of dog ear shapes

It is said that dog ear shapes originally start from “standing ears” same as wolf’s ears.

In order to protect themselves from foreign enemies and to search for preys, it seems that standing ears were suitable for listening to slight sound in the distance.

There are various theories about the existence of dogs with drooping ears, but it is said that they had less chance to capture their preys or fight over territory with others or enemies since dogs had started to live with human and consequently their secretion volume of adrenaline decreased and some of their ears started to be pendulous.

It is also said that various dog ear shapes were created by breed improvement.

Types and shapes of canine ears

Prick Ears


Prick ears are standing upright.

I think you have many chances to see dogs with prick ears everywhere.

Typical examples are Japanese dogs such as Shiba and Hokkaido, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Pomeranian.

Drop Ears


The ears hanging down on both sides of the head are called drop ears.

Many dog breeds have this ear shape, so I think you often see it.

Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Toy Poodle have typical drop ears.

Bat Ears


As the name suggests, it refers to the ear shape that looks like a bat’s ear.

Compared with the head size, the ratio of ear area is larger than dogs with prick ears. The ears are facing forward.

The base is wide and become narrow toward the tip of the ear.

Welsh Corgi and French Bulldog, which are popular as a pet, have this type of ears.

Butterfly Ears


What a fancy name!

As many of you may know, “Butterfly” means “Cho” in Japanese. It is a ear shape like a butterfly.

Papillon has butterfly ears.

Folded Ears


The ears are hanging down, and the base of the ears stand up a little and spread outward.

American Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have folded ears.

Semi-Pricked Ears


Semi-pricked ears are upright ones that slightly fold over at the tip.

Breeds such as Shetland Sheepdog and Collie have semi-pricked ears.

Button Ears


The base of the ear is erecting, and the tip of the ear is bent in a V shape and droops.

Compared to semi-pricked ears, larger amount of the ear is drooping and covered.

Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Terrier are typical examples.

Candle-Flame Ears


It is the ear shaped like candle flame among prick ears.

Miniature Pincer and Toy Manchester Terrier are examples of breeds with candle-flame ears.

Rose Ears


Small ears that drooping backwards are called rose ears.

Typical examples are Pug, Bulldog and Whippet.

Pendant Ears


The whole big ears hang down from the base, those are called pendant ears.

Dogs have pendant ears include Basset Hound and Bloodhound.

Tulip Ears


Tulip ears stand straight from the base of the ear and the position of one side ear is close to the other.

Bull Terrier has tulip ears.

Hooded Ears


They are small ears among prick ears, and the shape of the ears curves inward.

Blunt-Tipped Ears


The tips of the ears are blunted or rounded among prick ears.

V-shaped Ears


They are V-shaped drooping or standing ears.

Weimarana, Burmastiff and Vizsra are good examples of V-shaped ears.

Filbert-Shaped Ears


The ears shaped like ones of Bedlington Terrier, a dog breed of English origin, are called filbert-shaped ears.

The silky hair at the tip of the ear is called “tassel”.

Cropped Ears


Like ears of Duberman, they are erected ears that is surgically cut drooping part off and made upright.


How was today’s topic? Some of you may have been surprised by the wide variety of dog ear shapes.

How many types of dog ears have you known?

Knowing dog ear shapes makes you more interested in it rather than just looking at a dog, doesn’t it? I think you can find like “Oh, that dog has XXX ears!” from now on!

Please pay attention to ear shapes of your dog, your friend’s one or even your neighbor’s dogs as well.

Release date: 2020/02/26, Last updated: 2020/03/10