Shiba Inus butts are so sweet!


Do you know Shiba Inu butts have been obscurely gaining popularity among the owners and the lovers?

This time, I am going to introduce the cute bum of Shiba Inu.

The shape is adorable.


I think the cuteness of Shiba Inu butt comes from its shape, doesn’t it?

Shiba Inus are characterized by their curly tails.

The rolled up tail is one of the captivating points.

In addition, its plump rump with soft and fluffy coat is also attractive.

I just can’t take my eyes off a back shot of a walking Shiba.

It seems quite a few Shiba Inu onwers care about the bottom coat cut when they go to trimming salons. Rounded cut seems popular.

Easy to care for

I heard Shiba Inu butt is very easy to wipe after expressing the anal grants or after poops as the Shiba Inu tail normally sits high.

It seems the owners can easily keep their pets’ rump clean.

By the way, my dog has long-hair coat, so it’s pretty hard to clean his butt.

Popular on SNS

I was surprised to see many owners posting Shiba’s back shots or the bottom focused snaps on Instagram or Twitter.

Also, Shiba Inu bum seems to have a common name in Japanese, such as “Shiba-Ketsu(柴ケツ)” or “Shiba-Ziri(柴尻)” among Shiba Inu lovers.

Please try to search #柴ケツ and #柴尻 on SNS.

You can find lots of cute Shiba Inu butts there.

Even more attractive in winter


In the cold winter, the Shiba Inu coat molts into fluffy one to cover itself up from the cold.

Therefore, the coat around the rump becomes more fluffy and the butt becomes even more captivating.

If you see a Shiba Inu in winter, you would not able to take your eyes off the cute rump!

More than 2 butts are even more sweet


It seems some owners keep more than two Shiba Inus.

On SNS, the two butts shots or the back shots of two walking Shiba Inus become secretly popular.

I heard that during a meet-up of Shiba Inu owners, some of them take a ceremonial photo of all Shiba Inus butts lined up.

If the shot are filled with the fluffy bums, it would be definitely adorable, wouldn’t it?


How was today’s topic?

I believe that many are attracted by the charm of Shiba Inu bottom.

From now on, when you see a Shiba Inu, please pay attention not only to the cute face but also to the bum bum (* ‘ω’ *).

Release date: 2020/03/26, Last updated: 2020/05/20