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  • I went to the animal room “Ikemofu” in Ikebukuro where I can interact with small animals!

I went to the animal room “Ikemofu” in Ikebukuro where I can interact with small animals!


“I want to live with animals, but I don’t have an environment where I can have them now… But I want to get in touch with animals!”

In Japan, mainly cat cafes, cafes that heal people who want to have contact with small animals are increasing.

In this article, we will report on the “Ikemofu” an animal room in Ikebukuro, Japan, where you can interact with a wide variety of animals, from popular pets such as rabbits and chinchillas, to small foxes such as fenecks and owls, and reptiles such as snakes and iguanas.

Where is “Ikemofu”? What kind of shop?

“Ikemofu” is located on the 6th floor of a building across from the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro store near JR Ikebukuro Station.

Ikemofu address: 6th floor of Narita Building, 29 − 4, Higashi Ikebukuro 1-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170 − 0013
*For a map, there is a Google Map link at the bottom of the “Ikemofu official website”.

Animal Room “Ikemo” Official Website

It is divided into a small animal room where you can interact with mammals and a room where you can interact with owls and reptiles. You specify which room you enter at the reception.

When it’s crowded, there may be restrictions on admission.

When I visited the small animal room, there was an entrance restriction, and there was a line of customers waiting to enter the room.

You can enter either room for 30 minutes for a fee of 1,000 yen (500 yen for children under elementary school age) and if you want to move to another room, you have to pay again at the reception.

This time I visited both small animals, owl and reptiles.

There were a wide range of customers, including families including elementary school students, couples, groups with friends, and people enjoying themselves by themselves.

The customers communicated quietly so as not to surprise the animals, so the atmosphere was calm even though it was crowded.

I learned about “Ikemofu” when I came home from Sunshine Aquarium last autumn.

And when I saw the pictures of animals on the signboard, I was surprised and said, “Is there a feneck in this cafe?” so I wanted to go there as soon as possible, but since the environment of the shop where the cat cafe was in its prosperity was so unsanitary and terrible, I avoided the shop where I could interact with animals, so it was somehow difficult to enter…

But “Ikemofu” instantly blew away my aversion to animal cafes!

Not only the animals that play with me were cute, but also the staff members’ love for animals was great, and I was very comfortable knowing that everyone cared for me!

Now, let me introduce some of the children I have met in “Ikemofu”.

Feneck “Tet”

Basically, in the small animal room, you can put a pet sheet on your knees in preparation for sudden rough behavior and hold a designated child.

Depending on the physical condition of the day, some children were absent from the contact, and unfortunately on the day I visited, I could only greet Tet from outside the cage because Tet was in heat, but I could not see Feneck closely, so I enjoyed it enough.

As Tet was in heat, he was restless and wandered around in the cage, but when a staff member who said he was on good terms with Tet came, he suddenly put out his belly and trotted! This is the picture above.

In breeding books, it is said that there are some children who are difficult to raise because of the strong wild nature, but I was surprised by Tet’s appearance that he can recognize the face of someone he likes and indulge him.

The staff takes care of “Ikemofu” ‘s animals since they were young, and they start bringing them to the shop after they have trained with them.

I heard that all the care such as nail clippers are done by the staff, and I felt that the relationship of trust is firmly established from every part of the action.

As for Tet, if you look closely, their nails are cut parallel to the blood vessels, and they file their nails flat.

If you look at the details like this, you can see whether they take good care of you or not.

If you want to raise a Feneck but are in trouble because there is only superficial information such as that it is expensive or you can’t imagine raising it, I recommend you to ask questions to the staff at “Ikemofu” about real breeding while being healed by Tet’s cuteness.

Skinny Guinea Pig “Ikura”

The first thing I touched upon was the skinny guinea pig “Ikura”, a rare, hairless guinea pig species.

Skinny guinea pigis popular in some parts as “Kimokawaii” but my impression after touching it was “It was just cute.”.

“Ikura” is soft to the touch and I feel happy when I touch it, but she is a good talker and she keeps on talking and her voice is really cute… At first I was worried if she is on guard, but I was relieved to hear from the staff that she likes to talk.

When it comes to animal voices, it sounds like a sea lion show at an aquarium by your pet dog at home. I was so excited when my normally quiet cat was picking a fight with flies and insects! For me who only hears the growl, it was a very refreshing experience to be healed by the animal voice.

Ikuru-chan is so cute that you can’t use “Kimoi” even with compliments!

According to the staff, they care about humidity.

Skinny guinea pig don’t have hair, so they’re vulnerable to dryness. “Ikemofu”, where many animals live, uses a wet towel over the cage of the skinny Guinea-Pigs.

Other than that, the skinny guinea pig doesn’t have to be weak or have a short life span.

I’ve decided to have a skinny guinea pig someday.

Meerkat “Timon”

Surprisingly, there is a meerkat familiar to Lion King in “Ikemofu”!

His name is Timon.

And according to the staff, this Timon has such a magical personality that he has a great support from the customers whom he has come into contact with once, so I showed him outside the cage right away.

Look at that. He hugs this staff tightly and doesn’t leave. He’s such a spoiled person. Eye contact is also perfect.

He looks cool and wild, but isn’t he too cute?

I also caressed him, and he said he loves to be caressed, so he squinted his eyes and I was impressed.

A nearby customer looked at Timon and murmured, “He’s cute…”.

There are many chances to see meerkats in zoos, but I don’t have an image that they are attached to humans.

I was writhing with the cuteness of Timon, and I thought it was wonderful that the staff could build a relationship of trust with wild animals.

Western Siberian eagle-owl “Eileen”

She is the first person to see when you enter the owl reptile room.

She weighs about 3 kg and has a wingspan of about 180 cm. Her name is “Eileen”.

Not only her, but the owls in the big owl corner are all so powerful! In a word, it is awesome.

“Can I really touch it?” I want to get permission from the owls.

I also asked the question that many people might feel when they see owls: “What does an owl eat?”!

They eat quail and chick.

However, the quail and chick are not processed, and the staff cut the quail and chick in the original round shape using kitchen scissors.

The “Ikemofu” staff members’ attitude to understand the ecology of animals and to cuddle up with them because they are the best fit for the owl’s eating habits, even though they are species adapted to life with humans such as dogs and cats, there were some things that they could learn from living with other creatures.

Well, this “Eileen” looks brave, but it has more individuality than that, and it shows the actions to break the image of “The Wise Man of the Forest” of the owl by asking the staff to move a perch and play when the owl next door leaves his seat, pull a stuffed animal when he is handed, and make a face of annoyance by making a slight show to the owl next door.

I can’t get tired of watching it, but the owl is such an expressive animal!? You’ll be surprised.

And they like to be stroked, and they squint when you stroke their head.

By the way, after I talked to the staff, I left the restaurant and went there again with my daughter after lunch, but my daughter bought a bromide of “Eileen” and went home.

There was a staff member who described Eileen as a kindergartner, but she might have something in common because her daughter is also a kindergartner.

In addition to “Don’t touch it.” and “You can touch it.” stickers indicating today’s naughty look are also attached near each perch in the owl room, but Eileen is always naughty MAX.

Eileen was such a star, and she had an overwhelming presence that I couldn’t help but to check it when I went to “Ikemofu”.

Giant Eagle-owl  “Peco”

She is Eileen’s next-door neighbor, Peco the Giant Eagle-owl.

The figure with wings spread out is simply “Cool!”!

Indian Scops Owl “Malon”

In addition to stroking the owl, we can put on sturdy gloves and have them stop on our arms.

I heard that small owls can stop directly on the index finger, so I put a small “Malon” about 20 cm long on my finger.

Marron was calm and calmly sitting on my finger, and I was moved by the experience that I couldn’t do… so Marron suddenly started to soothe and the owl in the room became restless.

The “Eileen” was spreading its wings on the wall opposite the room, and the small and medium-sized owls were alarmed at this.

According to the staff, Eileen and her large owls sometimes prey on small owls in the wild, so they keep a certain distance from each other even if they are in the same room.

Other than that, the compatibility of the owls is clear, so I was impressed to see the owls sitting on the perch and spending a relaxing time together because they are not big and don’t fight with each other.

My daughter fell in love with this “Malon” at first sight and kept saying “cute”, but the elementary school boy who came earlier also seemed to be crazy about a small owl, so I felt that the size of the owl was big enough for the child to approach without fear.

From the children’s point of view, it looks like the owl character in Pocket Monster, “Mokrou”.

In any case, when I was a child, an owl was a creature that can only be seen in a picture book, but I’m so jealous that children today can experience various things…

There was also a popular Snowy Owl!


There are various other creatures such as flying squirrels, chinchillas, prairie dogs and chameleons in addition to the ones introduced this time, and “Ikemofu” made me want to visit there many times.

This time, I brought my daughter who is a kindergartner. “Ikemo”, preschoolers can enter the shop, but they can’t interact with animals, so you need to be careful when you bring children.
*Elementary school students and older can touch animals.

Putting a small animal on an infant’s small knee is unstable and dangerous, and dropping it on an accident can cause the animal to break a bone, so this is a natural measure.

My daughter was having fun without touching animals, so preschoolers can enjoy it.

Also, “Ikemofu” sells babies born from animals in the store, and since these children are trained well, there is a higher possibility that they will become attached to them even if the environment changes than the children who come from ordinary pet shops.

You can’t make a reservation if you want to have a baby or a baby next time the animal is born, but if you are interested, you can ask questions when you go out to play.

If you are interested in or want to visit “Ikemofu”, please check the official website!

Animal Room “Ikemofu” Official Website

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