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6 Best Animal Attractions and Park in Kansai

Harvest Hill in Osaka https://farm.or.jp/touch Harvest Hill is an interactive agricultural park filled with nature surrounded by seasonal flowers. The site is about the size of eight Koshien Stadium. It is roughly divided into the area of the town and the area of the village across the suspension bridge. Each area is full of unique plays. In the town area, there are facilities where you can play by moving your body, such as an aerial...


6 Best Animal Attractions and Park in Kanto

Country Farm Tokyo German Village in Japan http://t-doitsumura.co.jp/parkguide/dogrun/ It is a theme park in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture. The vast site is modeled after the rural landscape of Germany and is a very beautiful facility with flowers and plants blooming in various colors from season to season. You can enter the park in your car and use the parking lots at various places. In addition to 20 different attractions, there are “Children’s Zoo” where you...


Okazaki Shrine in Kyoto is also called ’Usagi(Rabbit)Shrine’

Do you know “Okazaki Shrine” in Kyoto, Japan? I finally went to Okazaki Shrine which I wanted to visit once as a person who has a rabbit! This time, I will report “Okazaki Shrine”! History of Okazaki Shrine Okazaki Shrine in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture was built to protect the “the direction of the rabbit” to the east of the shrine, when the capital was transferred to Heian-kyo in 794. The deities enshrined...


Walking with my dog along Shinkawa river in Tokyo

Shinkawa River is an artificial river with a total length of about 3km that connects Nakagawa River and the former Edogawa River. I go to near the Shinkawa-nishimon Square (The point where the river branches from Nakagawa Rive to Shinkawa River) and start a walk along the river. Hinomi-yagura and Senbonsakura(Fire watchtower and Thousands of cherry blossoms) When you walk along the bank, the first thing you see is the “fire watchtower” which is 15.5...


My family’s dog and exploration around Solamachi

A stroll around Solamachi with my family’s third son, Shibainu Gonta and friends’ dogs. Hello, this is Gonmama! I went to Tokyo Solamachi where Sky Tree is with my friend’s dog. Go to Oshiage Station by car and enjoy a walk from there. There is also a parking lot exclusively for Solamachi (Up to approximately 1,000 units), but it costs 350 yen for every 30 minutes, which is a bit expensive for taking a walk...