How to Make a Felt Crown for Dogs


My dog will soon be one year old.

I wanted to take a picture as a souvenir, so I thought it would be cute if there was a crown, so I searched a lot!

They sell a lot of cute items, but I think you can buy felt at a 100 yen shop and make it easily. So I decided to try.

This time, I’d like to introduce my family’s crown making.

The size is made for my dog. Instead of making it with the same size, please arrange it to fit each dog.



felt and pom-poms

I bought felt and pom-poms at a 100 yen shop.

There are many color variations, many kinds, so I couldn’t make up my mind.

Other than that, the handicraft corner of recent 100 yen shops such as ribbon lace and tape is very substantial.

This time, we would like to make a monotone crown, so we chose the color of the picture!

We also have chiffon fabric and decorative laces, which are not shown in the photo.

paper pattern

paper pattern

This is a paper pattern. The size is small enough to put on my dog’s head.

For your information, my dog is a 3.2 kg toy poodle.

How to Make a Felt Crown

Cut Felt

First, cut the felt.

If it is a thick felt, one piece is fine, but the felt I chose was a little thin, so I made two pieces.

You can wear 2 of the same color, or you can use different colors to create a reversible design.

cut the felt

Tuck in the frilly chiffon fabric

Next, tuck in the frilly chiffon fabric.

My dog is a girl, so I want to make it a little girly!

If you prefer simplicity, skip this step. You can use your favorite lace instead of chiffon.

If you fix it with a round needle and sew it with a sewing thread, the next process will be easier.

You can use a small amount of glue to temporarily fix it.

Tuck in the frilly chiffon fabric

Sewn together

The felts are sewn together with a sewing machine.

Using a sewing machine is a pain! If so, you can sew them by hand or stick them together with glue!

If you used the sewing thread in the previous process, please remove it after sewing is finished.

Sewn together


Use pom-poms, lace or tape, or add embroidery.

You can use thread or bond.

The reverse side features Happy Birthday embroidery.

features Happy Birthday

Assemble the parts

Round it and insert the opposite side into the cut to complete the crown.

Attaching a ear Strap

Attaching a Chin Strap.

Please adjust the size to your dog’s ears. Please refer to the measurements of my house.

Attaching a ear Strap

Attaching a Chin Strap

After attaching the part to put the ears on the left and right, connect the left and right rubber bands with one rubber band.

Wear a crown and adjust the length with your dog’s chin.

If the elastic is tight, your dog will feel uncomfortable, so please be careful.

Attaching a Chin Strap

It’s hard for my dog to see the position of the ear band, so I had Duffy doll wear it!

Duffy doll

I am satisfied that I can make it cute without spending money!

If you use bond instead of sewing machine, you can make it more easily, so please try it!


How was it?

I would be happy if you could make it for your dog’s birthday or anniversary.

You can make it! You can buy it! Let’s take a cute commemorative photo on your birthday and show it off to the people around you!

I hope it will be a memorable day for you and your dog.

courtesy of sipilikana様(Instagram)