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Japanese Halloween costumes and Handmade treats ideas for Dog!

ハロウィンの仮装をした犬 A dog dressed up for Halloween

Japanese people are getting more into Halloween recently.

Halloween events are held in various places, and Halloween decorations are displayed in towns and shops, and it becomes lively.

Streets in Tokyo’s Shibuya on Halloween night are crowded with many dressed people in costumes to celebrate Halloween.

‘How do you want to enjoy Halloween??’

I think most pet owners want to enjoy Halloween with their pets!

How to enjoy Halloween with your dog?

dress up

ハロウィンの仮装をした犬 A dog dressed up for Halloween

Many people dress up for Halloween.

At events in the city, we often see people walking in costumes of various anime characters, Obake and Zombie.

Recently, due to the spread of social networking services such as Instagram, I think there are many people who have their dogs disguised as Halloween photos and share them with their dog friends.

We are planning to transform our dog into something this year .

A lot of items to transform your dog prettily are also sold at pet shops, home centers and 100 yen shops.

You can buy it easily by mail order.

Here are some suggestions:.

This is a set of a cute witch’s hat and bandana.

Black and orange are Halloween colors.

Just by wearing a hat and a bandana, you can instantly transform into a cute witch.

The hat has a chin strap.

The length of the bandana can be adjusted, so you can use it from big dogs to small dogs without worrying about their physique.

This is also a cute Halloween costume.

There are 2 kinds, pumpkin and witch.

You can wear it instead of normal clothes.

Pumpkin is all-in-one and the bottom part is very cute.

I think this design can be worn by both boys and girls.

The witch is cute in a dress.

The color scheme and design are very cute.

If you have many dogs, it would be good to wear 2 kinds of pairs.

Make Halloween treats for your dog

One of the pleasures of Halloween is cooking Halloween food.

If you make a special Halloween treats that is a little different from usual for your dog, they will surely be happy.

犬用かぼちゃ料理 Pumpkin dishes for dogs

■Handmade Halloween treats「Jack O’ Lantern

Many Halloween dishes use pumpkins.

I made “Kabocha Obake(Jack O’ Lantern)” for my dog.

I would like to show you how to make it.


②Wrap the pumpkin squash with plastic wrap, and microwave for about 30 minutes to soften. (Depending on the pumpkin and the wattage of the microwave, it may be better to warm it for around 1 hour.)
③ Cut off the upper part of the pumpkin horizontally.
④ Use a large spoon or fork to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin squash before it cools.
⑤ Use a knife to carve a “Jack O’ Lantern” face on the front of the pumpkin.
⑥ Add your favorite dog food and vegetables to the pumpkin squash. I added the dry food, apples, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and wet food that I eat every day.

Pumpkin fillings will make your dog happy if you put them on their daily food.

Take a commemorative photograph

ハロウィンの仮装をした犬と子供 Halloween costumed dog and child

Halloween is a big event once a year

Why don’t you take a commemorative photo with your dog and your family dressed up?

For example, you can take a photo of your child and his/her dog, set a theme for the whole family and dress up, or try to imitate each character in the animation.

It will be appreciated if you send it as New Year’s cards or Halloween cards to your friends.


How was it?

Halloween is a big fall event.

You can change your dog into a Halloween costume, make a special treats for your dog, or take a commemorative photo with your family.

Why don’t you enjoy Halloween with your dog?

This article is a revised version to English of what was distributed on 17 Oct 2019.