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  • Merits and cautions for giving deer antlers to dogs, how to give them and disinfect them, and dog’s reaction

Merits and cautions for giving deer antlers to dogs, how to give them and disinfect them, and dog’s reaction


Do you know there is a “deer antlers” boom in dog treats and toys?

When you give a deer’s antlers to a dog, it will keep chewing for hours.

My dog loves to bite anything, so I wanted to give him deer antlers someday.

At that time, I received “Natural deer antlers” from an acquaintance.

It was not a deer horn cut for a dog, but a fine deer horn as it was.

This time, I will introduce the results of my research on how to give “Natural deer antlers” to dogs, and my impressions when I gave it to my dog.

Why do dogs go crazy about deer antlers?

“Dogs like deer antlers” is common sense among dog lovers.

No matter what kind of dog you give it, “deer antlers” is very popular.

The reason is that “Dogs love things that are hard and chewy.” and “containing the spinal fluid of his favorite deer”.

Deer antlers are hard and fill your dog’s “the desire to chew”.

“cerebrospinal fluid” has been a favorite of dogs since they were wild.

If you give them dog deer antlers, their wild memories may come back to life with the smell of “cerebrospinal fluid”.

Deer antlers fulfill both the dog’s “the desire to chew” and “appetite”.

Merits of deer antlers

With so many snacks and toys for dogs, why is “deer antlers” popular among dog lovers?

That’s because there are three advantages.

The first is, “Dental care for dogs”.

Dogs bite the hard antlers of deer to remove the tartar on their teeth and make them shiny. Keeping a dog’s teeth healthy is a very happy advantage.

Second, “It lasts long and the cost performance is good.”.

If you give snacks and toys to your dog, it can be ruined at a good rate and become useless.”deer antlers” can be shaved off to make it smaller, but it’s much slower than other snacks and toys. I don’t have to buy a new one many times, so it is economical.

The third point is that “free from smell”.

Other chewing treats and toys given to dogs include the “horns” and “Hizume” of other animals.They are also known for their “animal smell”. But as for “deer antlers”, there is no smell. This is why owners who say, “I don’t like the smell of animals.” like it.

Points to remember when feeding deer antlers

When you give deer antlers to dogs, you may need to be careful. Give your dog deer antlers by keeping in mind the important points.

Do not give for a long time

The antlers of deer are hard, so if your dog continues to bite for a long time, his teeth may be chipped or broken, which may damage his teeth.

Let’s divide the time and give them around 20 minutes.

Replace it when it gets smaller.

The antlers of deer get smaller little by little as dogs bite into them.

There is a possibility that an accident such as a dog choked by swallowing a small deer horn.

When it gets smaller, it’s time to buy a new one, so let’s observe it carefully.

Check the health of your dog

Some dogs have diarrhea because cerebrospinal fluid of deer horn doesn’t match.

Dogs love “Cerebrospinal fluid of deer horn”, but unfortunately some dogs don’t fit well.

Let’s observe the condition of your dog who ate cerebrospinal fluid.If your dog’s feces are loose the next day, I’m afraid it’s better not to give him antlers.

Keep these things in mind and give your dog “deer antlers” safely and securely.

How to cut deer antlers

Natural deer antlers are very hard, so women may not be able to cut them.

My father cut it with a saw at home. I think it’s quite hard because I had trouble with the power of men.

Also, when cutting deer antlers, I think it’s important to cut large areas of cerebrospinal fluid to make dogs bite better.

When the antlers of the deer were cut a little diagonally, the area of cerebrospinal fluid increased and my dog started eating better.

I gave him a deer horn with a small area of cerebrospinal fluid cut straight, but he seemed to get tired of it soon.

It may be only my dog, but it seems that the eagerness to bite increases if you can see a lot of cerebrospinal fluid.

Also, if you get natural deer antlers like me, disinfect them before giving them to your dog.

It seems that you can disinfect by “to pour hot water on anything” and “to dry anything in the sun for a few days”.

If you disinfect your dog thoroughly like this, I think you can give it to your dog at ease.

The result of giving deer antlers to my dog…

When my dog first met the deer antlers, he begged me, “HMMM…” and jumped at me.

Just the smell of deer antlers made him think, “This is delicious!”.

When I gave the deer’s antlers that I sterilized and cut to my dog, he always smelled them at first.After enjoying the smell, he started to lick the part where the cerebrospinal fluid was coming out.

This is the moment when I felt “Dogs like the cerebrospinal fluid of deer antlers” on my skin.

And he bit the deer antlers at the cerebrospinal fluid and looked a little tired after about 10 minutes.

The antlers of the deer heard, “When I give it to my dog, he keeps chewing.” but the dog seemed to get bored easily depending on the timing.

However, if you give it to him when his “the desire to chew” heightens, he will bite the antlers of the deer eagerly.

Thanks to the deer antlers filling the “the desire to chew”, the number of times we bite into furniture and walls has decreased, and our home is very helpful.

I felt that satisfying the desire to chew also leads to relieving the stress of my dog.

However, when giving deer antlers, they sometimes hear deer antlers breaking, so I was worried, “My dog’s tooth broke!?”.

When your dog’s chewing power heats up, you can prevent it by taking it away and saying, “END”.

I was also worried that “Doesn’t it suit my dog?” but there was no change in his stool the day after he ate the cerebrospinal fluid, and my dog seemed to be fine.

I want my dog to enjoy “deer antlers” as much as the owner can manage it properly.

I will give him deer antlers when I take care of my dog’s body before going to bed.

My dog doesn’t like to be touched, so I will take care of him while he is absorbed in deer antlers…!


I got the deer antlers that I wanted and my dog seemed to like them, so I had a fun experience.

This time, a friend of mine gave me the antlers of the deer, but I wonder if there is a difference between them and commercially available antlers.

When the antlers of the deer you gave me become smaller, I would like to buy a commercial product and see if my dog eats differently.

Also, when I give deer antlers to my dog this time, I realized that various precautions are necessary when I give snacks and toys to my dog.

I realized that giving any kind of snack or toy while watching your dog was a cardinal rule.

I think deer antlers are very useful snacks and toys as a spice for your dog to enjoy with safety first.