My family’s dog and exploration around Solamachi


A stroll around Solamachi with my family’s third son, Shibainu Gonta and friends’ dogs.

Hello, this is Gonmama!

I went to Tokyo Solamachi where Sky Tree is with my friend’s dog.

Go to Oshiage Station by car and enjoy a walk from there.

There is also a parking lot exclusively for Solamachi (Up to approximately 1,000 units), but it costs 350 yen for every 30 minutes, which is a bit expensive for taking a walk or shopping, so I decided to park in the nearby parking lot “Central Square Oshiage Ekimae” this time.

There is a maximum charge of 1300 yen no matter how much you stop here on weekdays, so you can enjoy Solamachi without worrying about time.

There seems to be a lot of secret parking lots around Soramachi, so you should look for them.

Also, there seems to be a parking lot where you can reserve in advance.

Tokyo Sky Tree Town

This is a summer day when the temperature exceeds 30 ° C!

The asphalt is hot and you can’t enter the Solamachi facility unless you are in a pet cart or a carry-back, so I prepared a buggy.

The three dogs are excited about where they are going!!!

Mothers who wanted to take pictures up to the top of the Sky Tree lay desperately and did their best!!

Many people were seen lying or crouching here and there.

There were many foreign tourists who said “Shiba Inu! YOU’RE SO CUTE!!” and took many pictures.

*Why are the moms doing this? said the strange-looking dogs

After the shooting time, you can finally start exploring!

I walked along the Token-gawa River that runs beside the Sky Tree and headed to the nearby Shinsui Park.

On the way, three dogs suddenly start basking in the sun in the blazing sun.

I WONDER IF IT’S NOT HOT!? I was worried, but I was taking a rest feeling comfortable.

*You can also see Sumida Aquarium at the far left (Unfortunately pets are not allowed.).

If you walk about 5 minutes from here, you will see Narihira-bashi Bridge and you will see “Oyokogawa Shinsui Park”.

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park

According to the sign, this Shinsui Park is about 1800 meters long! It continues all the way to Kinshicho.

The park consists of 5 zones, Tsurigawara, Kappa Kawahara, Hana-Momiji, Palette Plaza Blue Terrace and each zone is separated by a bridge.

When I got off the Narihira-bashi Bridge, the first thing I saw was a large flower bed made in the image of skyrockets. This is the Tsurigawara zone and is the entrance of the park.

Dogs are smiling in a large flower bed with colorful flowers.

*NOW THEN! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of zone it is next!

If you go a little further, you can see people enjoying fishing at the fishing pond.

Go through quietly so as not to get in the way of fishing, rehydrate in the shade of a tree and take a break.

Even if it is hot, there are a lot of greenery and the shade of the tree is pleasant.

I heard the happy voices of the children from a distance!!

There were many children who enjoyed playing in the water.

Unfortunately, there is a note saying “Dogs are not allowed in.” and our dogs are not allowed to enter.

If you go a little further from the water play area, there is a children’s square, and there are many fun playground equipment such as roller slides and suspension bridges.

But maybe because it was hot on that day, I could hardly see people playing with playground equipment.

*Maybe because it was hot, the playground equipment was empty…

I found a cute dog stone wall at the suspension bridge! I can’t help taking pictures of this!

*It’s hot, but smile.

Sasaya Cafe

I walked a lot and it’s almost lunchtime! Then I found a nice cafe facing the park!!

You can enter the store directly from Shinsui Park, and you can accompany your dog in some areas near the entrance!! How wonderful!

There is also a reed hook outside the store, so it is kind to dogs.

When I went inside and looked at the menu, it was a cafe restaurant that mainly served dishes using organic ingredients and organic organic organic vegetables, and provided rice that was kind to people.

If you place a cafe mat properly, dogs can sit on a chair and eat together like this.

There is no cafe mat for dogs in this cafe, so you should bring it by yourself.

This is the area where dogs are not allowed to enter, but there is a goods sales space such as sundries in the corner of the shop.

Also, in the spacious restaurant, various events such as workshops and musical instruments are held.

I ordered lunch right away! I ordered the day’s special lunch with a greek salad and colorful pilaf.

Healthy with plenty of salad! But it is delicious and voluminous and filling!

Special plate ¥1,242
*Salad with tofu, fetter, and cheese
*Tofu nuggets with edamame
*Chilled celery and potato soup
*Corn, edamame, carrot saffron pilaf

Three dogs looked at as if to say, “Give us a snack, too!”.

This is an area where you can eat with Gonta and his friends’ dogs.

It was a great bright space with big glass walls where I could relax while looking at the scenery of the park outside.

We said we were full, but we also ordered dessert.

Caramel banana pudding ¥500
Soy milk grain latte ¥430

Dogs who couldn’t stop breathing while walking around in the hot weather could take a rest in the cool shop.

Sasaya Cafe official website

Both the owner and the dog are full and very satisfied! I took a long break, so I will continue my walk.

Continuation of the walk

The Shinsui Park continues to the back, but this time, we will go back the way we came and return to Solamachi.

There is a zone I haven’t explored yet, so when it gets a little cooler, I would like to try a full-length walk!!

I found a duck on my way home! He is swimming comfortably.

I could see Sky Tree between buildings in various places in the park.

There were a lot of greenery in the park, and it was a park that people and pets could enjoy, and it was kind to people and pets.

After enjoying Shinsui Park, I came back to Narihira-bashi Bridge, the starting point of the park.

The Sky Tree is photographed from Narihira-bashi Bridge.

The Tobu Isesaki Line station “Tokyo Sky Tree Station”, located just next to Skytree Town, used to be called “Narihira-bashi Bridge”.

I walked from Narihira-bashi Bridge to Oshiage Station, walking in the Oshinari Park along the Kitajuken-gawa River that flows just next to the Skytree.

Fountains rose from time to time in the river, and the dogs were walking happily with a little surprise.

I felt cooler than the asphalt road on the ground because it is near the water.

There are many interesting cafes and restaurants across the street, so I would like to stop by next time.

There was a big bamboo on the slope up from the riverside at Solamachi Square.

It’s almost Tanabata! What kind of wish does Gonta make?

*I hope I can eat a lot of delicious snacks.
*Please note that we don’t have Sasakazari depending on the season.

You can stroll around the Shinsui Park while looking at the Sky Tree, or relax after finding a stylish cafe.

The temperature was a little high, but the weather was good, and it was a very fun trip around Soramachi.

There are many ways to enjoy Solamachi.

There still seem to be shops and parks around there, so I would like to visit there again with Gonta and friends!