Okazaki Shrine in Kyoto is also called ’Usagi(Rabbit)Shrine’


Do you know “Okazaki Shrine” in Kyoto, Japan?

I finally went to Okazaki Shrine which I wanted to visit once as a person who has a rabbit!

This time, I will report “Okazaki Shrine”!

History of Okazaki Shrine

Okazaki Shrine in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture was built to protect the “the direction of the rabbit” to the east of the shrine, when the capital was transferred to Heian-kyo in 794.

The deities enshrined at the shrine are “Susanoo-no-mikoto (Susanoo no mikoto)” the younger brother of Amaterasu Omikami, the enshrined deity of Izumo-taisha Shrine who defeated the famous Yamata no Orochi, his wife “Kiinadahime no mikoto (Kushiinadanomikoto)” and 8 children’s “Yahashira-miko-no-kami (Rhynchidae)” who were born between the two.

Also, it is said that the whole area was the habitat of the rabbit, and the rabbit is said to be a messenger of God.

The divine favor includes pregnancy, easy delivery, matchmaking and warding off evil.

Susanoo-no-mikoto and Kiinadahime-no-mikoto have many children of the third daughter and the fifth son, and they have many rabbits.

Visit Okazaki Shrine

Okazaki Shrine

It faces the main street in the city, but the precincts have a quiet and calm atmosphere.

I visited there in September when the lingering heat was still severe, but I remember it was very cool because there were many trees and the wind blowing through was comfortable.

Compared to Yasaka Shrine and Heian Shrine, it is not so big, but you can feel the high formality of the magnificent main shrine.

I heard that a wedding ceremony is also possible, and I saw a man and a woman who looked like a couple talking when I visited.

I admire a wedding ceremony held at a historical shrine in Kyoto!

Koma-Usagi ( Guardian Rabbit)


In front of the main shrine, “Koma-Usagi” instead of Koma-inu(Guardian dog) are enshrined.

The right and left are different in gender, and the one with the right mouth open is the male and the one with the left mouth closed is the female.

Each mouth means “Aun  breathing” or “Agyo ” “Ungyo”.

It is said that stroking the heads of these 2 “Koma-Usagi” brings good luck in matchmaking.

Kosazuke-Usagi(beneficial for having children)


After praying at the main shrine, check out the “pregnancy rabbit” at the Chozuya.

As the name suggests, “Kosazuke-Usagi” is said to give birth to children if you pray by rubbing your stomach with water.

Standing on 2 legs looking up at the moon looks just like the scene of our rabbit looking around and looking around “Utachi (Rabbit + Stand)”, and I feel a sense of closeness.

The Emas lined up behind the “Kosazuke-Usagi” were quite powerful.



The “Usagi-mikuji” procession opposite the main shrine is Okazaki Shrine’s most famous photo spot.

There are many people who don’t bring back the container of omikuji and dedicate it, so it is said that the line became like this.

If you look closely, each facial expression is different such as the size of eyes and the shape of mouth. The round form is very cute!

“Usagi-mikuji” comes in 2 colors, white and pink.

Please find your favorite “Usagi-mikuji” which is given at the shrine office.

I decided to tie the omikuji in the precincts and bring back only the rabbit container.

The container is grilled and very light.

It’s easy to break, so I recommend you to wrap it in a handkerchief when you take it home so that it won’t get crushed with your belongings or souvenirs.



There are various kinds of amulets such as health amulets, matchmaking and pregnancy.

I made an impressive “Yutaka Governor” with vivid yellow.

My rabbit jumped over the contraceptive operation scheduled for next month so I chose it with the hope that she would be healthy forever.



take bus number 100 from Kyoto Station and getting off at the Okazakimichi Bus Stop.

You can also walk to Heian Shrine and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, so it’s nice to take a walk around sightseeing spots, or take a break at a fancy cafe.


How was it?

As you pass through the torii gate, you will find rabbits everywhere in the precincts of the shrine. It is truly “Usagi Shrine”.

I came here because I have rabbits, but I hear that there are many pregnant women and couples who come here because of the benefits of pregnancy and easy delivery.

In addition, the line of “Usagi-mikuji” introduced above is photogenic, and it has been reported in SNS and tourist information magazines in recent years, and has become a topic of conversation.

Regardless of the reason you visit, please observe good manners and enjoy visiting the shrine.

Okazaki Shrine website