6 Best Animal Attractions and Park in Kanto


Country Farm Tokyo German Village in Japan

Country Farm Tokyo German Village

It is a theme park in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture.

The vast site is modeled after the rural landscape of Germany and is a very beautiful facility with flowers and plants blooming in various colors from season to season.

You can enter the park in your car and use the parking lots at various places.

In addition to 20 different attractions, there are “Children’s Zoo” where you can meet goats, sheep, and squirrels, and “harvesting experience” which is made up of vegetables.

“Dog Land” is a facility for dogs.

There is a large dog run with grass all over the place, and we have visited there several times.

For those who do not have dogs, you can experience contact with 12 dogs, take a walk and take photos.

There are many small dogs such as Yorkshire terrier, dachshund and toy poodle, so it is safe for small children.

Web site:http://t-doitsumura.co.jp/

Lake woods garden in Chiba

Lake woods garden

Lake woods garden is a facility close to the lakeside and rich in nature, providing a space for healing through contact with flowers and dogs.

Each area is enveloped in the fragrance of seasonal flowers, and you can relax and forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.

There are facilities for dogs, and you can enjoy a variety of services such as a dog run with 1,000 m2 of lawn, trimming services, and training classes.

The service of interacting with dogs

・contact service with Australian Labrador
・Kids Dog Trainer Experience
・Walking dog

3 types in total.

The Australian Labrador was born as a combination of a Labrador retriever and a poodle.

It is said to be friendly and allergy free.

Web site:http://www.lwgarden.jp/index.html

Toshimaen in Tokyo


Toshimaen’s “Pet Garden” is popular because you can easily come in contact with animals in Tokyo.

Toshimaen is famous for attractions such as roller coasters and summer pools, but there is a mini zoo where you can meet familiar animals and rare animals.

It is a facility where you can play with ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, small animals such as hedgehogs and dogs.

Web site:http://www.toshimaen.co.jp/index.html

Toubu doubutsu Park in Saitama

Toubu doubutsu Park

Tobu Dobutsu Park is a hybrid leisure land that fuses the famous flower and plant plaza in Kanto.

The total area is 61 ha, one of the largest in Kanto. There are many attractions that can be enjoyed by parents and children. There is a zoo where you can see 1,200 animals of 120 kinds including the white tiger. There is so much fun that 1 day is not enough time.

The zoo is easily accessible with a 10 minute walk from the nearest station, and boasts the 5th largest number of visitors in Japan.

In the zoo, there is a corner where you can interact with a variety of animals, including rare animals such as futakobrakids and Burmese pythons.

“Wanko Village” allows you to interact with dogs and cats.

You can freely interact with 45 dogs of about 20 species at dog House and 10 cats at cat House.

Web site:http://www.tobuzoo.com/

Sukuba Wanwan Land in Ibaraki


Tsukuba Wan Wan Land is a theme park for interacting with dogs.

The 11 m wooden dog observation deck “Mokkun” at the entrance gate welcomes you.

They have around 500 dogs of over 80 species and there are many facilities to let people know about the charm of dogs.

In “Wan Wan Stage” you can enjoy amazing performances, and in “Wanwan World” you can enjoy the dog’s outstanding athletic ability.

Recommended is the “Puppy Exhibition Hall”. You can see the newborn puppy quietly, not to mention its loveliness.

At this park, there are “Wanwan Park” where you can directly touch dogs from large dogs to small dogs, and “Wanwan Rental” where you can walk around the park with your favorite dogs.

In addition, there is also a “Cat House” where cat lovers can enjoy themselves.

Web site:https://wanwan-land.co.jp/

Sekai no Meiken Bokujo in Gunma

Sekai no Meiken Bokujo

Sekai no Meiken Bokujo is  Japan’s largest dog community park with a site area of 30,000 m2.

You can let your dog play as much as you want in two areas, small dogs and medium and large dogs.

In addition, you can take a leisurely walk around the premises and enjoy the fun events, so you can spend a relaxing holiday with your dog.

The contact services include an indoor “Wanwan Touchiai Room” where you can actually touch dogs of various breeds, an outdoor “Wanwan Touchiai Hiroba”, and a “Walking Corner” where you can walk around the facility with your favorite dogs.

Dog breeds range from the familiar Pomeranian and Chihuahua small dogs to the more attractive large dogs such as Borzois and flat-coated retrievers.

Web site:https://www.meiken-bokujou.com/


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