6 Best Animal Attractions and Park in Kansai


Harvest Hill in Osaka

Harvest Hill

Harvest Hill is an interactive agricultural park filled with nature surrounded by seasonal flowers.

The site is about the size of eight Koshien Stadium.

It is roughly divided into the area of the town and the area of the village across the suspension bridge. Each area is full of unique plays.

In the town area, there are facilities where you can play by moving your body, such as an aerial athletics, go-kart, and trampoline, and in the village area, there are places where you can make bread, make sausages, and hold craft classes, and the experience of thinking and moving your hands is popular.

There are many animal contact events.

There are lots of events that you can’t usually do, such as touching and feeding capybaras, sheep and goats, milking cows and horse riding.

Among them is “Wanyang Fureai Square” where you can directly touch dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

Web site:https://farm.or.jp/

TenpozanAnipa in Osaka


“Tempozan Marketplace” is a general leisure spot adjacent to “Kaiyukan”, the world’s largest aquarium on Mt. Tenpo in Osaka.

It is a famous spot in Osaka where you can enjoy a whole day with your family as it has everything from play to shopping and dining such as a Ferris wheel, shopping and restaurants.

There is “Tenpozan Anipa” on the 3rd floor of the Tempozan Marketplace.

The largest indoor petting zoo in western Japan!

It is divided into a petting zone, a pet zone and a jungle zone, and you can touch not only dogs and cats, but also alpacas, kangaroos, capybaras and tortoises that you don’t usually see.

It’s an indoor type, so it doesn’t depend on the weather.

Admission is reasonable compared to a large zoo.

It is a place where you can easily see animals such as dropping by while shopping.

Web site:https://www.kaiyukan.com/thv/marketplace/shop/057/

World Ranch in Osaka

World Ranch

World Ranch is a theme park themed on the interaction of people, nature and animals.

There are lots of facilities where you can come in contact with various animals such as horse riding, walking with ponies, collecting fresh eggs, milking cows, walking with goats, keeping miniature pigs and grazing sheep and goats.

In addition to land animals, you can also experience contact with dolphins and whales, so you can spend a day touching animals as much as you want.

This “Dog Fureai Museum” is a facility where you can come in contact with about 20 kinds of small, medium and large dogs on the farm.

If you find a dog you like, you can rent it for a walk in the facility.

They also recruit foster parents and sell dogs, and you can consult with them about the purchase of dogs that you actually met at the farm.

We also offer “overnight service” as a trial for those who want to experience living with dogs.

Web site:http://www.worldranch.co.jp/dog_corner/friends.html

Kobe Animal Kingdom in Hyogo

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom is a large botanical garden located on Port Island in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

It is divided into an inside park and an outside park, and each park is filled with flowers and plants, and animals and birds are kept free in each area.

A dog performance show is held at the dog stage.

Sheepdog performance by shepherd and Frisbee dog performance.

You can enjoy the dog’s high athletic ability in front of you.

There are also various contact areas.

In rare places, they have contact with birds such as owls and toucans that live in subtropical regions.

At “one-touch nang-touch”, cute dogs and cats welcome you.

You can touch them by stroking them or holding them in your arms in an indoor space.

Web site:https://www.kobe-oukoku.com/

Animal Friendship Village in Hyogo


Ako Seaside Park is located along the coast of Ako City.

The vast grounds are full of attractions such as a Ferris wheel and a huge maze, athletic facilities and duck boats, which are all children’s delight.

In addition, you can enjoy sports such as tennis court and putter golf.

At the corner of the park is the Fureai Zoo “Animal Fureai Village”.

Animals are lazily kept loose on a large site, where you can meet all kinds of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles.

There are also plenty of places to interact.

You can touch sheep, horses, giant tortoises and feed them.

In the “interact with a puppet” area, you can meet a variety of dog breeds, from large dogs such as Samoyed, which you rarely touch, to miniature dachs, which are popular as pets.

Web site:http://aes-akoufureaimura.co.jp/index.html

Adventure world in Wakayama


Adventure World is a theme park that combines a zoo, aquarium and amusement park in Nanki Shirahama.

The theme is interaction with nature with animals such as pandas and dolphins, as well as land, sea and air animals.

You can meet 1400 animals of 140 species.

Of course the famous one is the giant panda. This is the only place in Japan where six giant pandas live.

It is not just a tour, but it is also attractive that there are various tour attractions according to the purpose.

If you want to get close to a carnivore, you can take a jeep safari tour, or if you want to give a snack to a giraffe, you can try Kirin feeding, etc.

Web site:https://www.aws-s.com/


All of the facilities have services where you can interact with various animals.

How about making it one of the plans for going out?