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Don’t feed human ice cream to your puppy! How to make dog-safe ice cream


Summer is the season you want to eat something chilly and so does your dog.

When my family enjoy ice cream after meals, my dog Toy Pooh keeps looking at us saying like “Where is mine?”.

I try not to give the little one human food, so of course I can’t feed the ice cream either!

Some owners may be tempted to feed a bite of ・・・ when their dogs are on the scrounge.

But do you know why you should not give your puppy human ice cream?

Today, we’re sharing information of the ingredients of human ice cream and its negative effects on dogs.

We’re also showing you how to make an easy, dog-friendly, homemade ice cream.

Your dog would love the summer chilly delight!

What are the main ingredients of ice cream?

The main ingredients of ice cream include the following:.

Dairy products: the main ingredient in ice cream, such as milk
Sugar: sugar, glucose, fructose, starch syrup, etc.
Oil: palm oil, vegetable oil, etc.
Emulsifiers: glycerin fatty acid ester, lecithin, fatty acid ester, etc.
Stabilizers: pektin, sodium alginate, gum arabic, etc.
Food coloring: natural colorant, synthetic colorant, etc.
Flavor: Flavoring agents used to add flavor or natural ingredients such as vanilla beans.

Ice cream contains a lot of sugar.

Ice cream requires much sugar for making it tasty as we feel less sweet when food is cold.

Completely melted ice cream is surprisingly sweet!!

As a dog’s body is smaller than human’s, its sugar quantity is too much for dogs.

Overdose of sugar may impair kidney and liver function of your lovely pet.

Most dogs are lactose-intolerant

Most dogs cannot break down the substance “lactose” in dairy products.

When your one is a puppy, the lactose decomposing enzyme “lactase” works in the body, but as it grow, it gradually lose lactase.

Therefore, lactose is carried to the large intestine without being broken down, which causes diarrhea.

This is called “lactose intolerance” and symptoms vary from dog to dog, but there is no doubt that you should be careful.

Even if not many symptoms appear, it is highly likely to be a burden to your dog’s body. Because of that, you need to be careful not to give your little one cow milk.

Be careful of additives in ice cream!

Ice cream often contains additives in addition to dairy products.

They often contain things that dogs don’t need at all, such as artificial coloring to make them look good or artificial flavoring agent to add fragrance.

Dairy products I can feed my dog

Lactose intolerance is common in dogs, but some dairy products contain very little lactose.

It is said that those are less likely to cause diarrhea when dogs have them.

Milk for dogs: goat milk, etc.
Yogurt: Unsweetened yoghurt.
Cheese: Low salt. Cheese for dogs, cottage cheese, etc.

How to make dog-friendly homemade ice cream

Here is an easy, additive-free ice cream recipe for your dog.

Yogurt and Banana Ice Cream

■Ingredients ■
Unsweetened yogurt: 100g
1 banana
Ziploc (SS Size): 1 piece


① Mash banana with a fork until becoming a nice paste to make it smooth. (It’s also OK to remain lumps if you like.)
② Add unsweetened yogurt and mix thoroughly.
③ Place in a ziplock bag and spread evenly and thinly. Leave the air out. SS size is just right when you stretch it.
④ Put the dough in the freezer for about 30 minutes, and once it has hardened a little, divide into small squares from outside of the bag by using the back of the knife . Chill in the freezer until it’s completely frozen. The shape makes it easy to break apart. It’s convenient because you can keep it in the freezer and take out as much as you need.


Dog-friendly ice cream could be a good solution when your puppy don’t have an appetite.

We recommend you to keep it in the freezer!

By adding banana, it’s not too hard and is rich in nutrition.

If you are worried about your dog’s stomach since it’s too cold, please defrost it a little before feeding.

It’s also nice to feed it as a paste before being frozen.

Dogs often swallow things without chewing, so please be careful not to give it too much so that they won’t get cold or a stomach ache.

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