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Benefits of homemade dog-food toppers and 3 easy recipes


What do you feed your dog every day?

I guess many pet parents feed their pups with only dry kibble, but if you add a dog-food topper, it would become a tasty treat to your pup.

Here I list up the benefits of homemade dog-food toppers and introduce you my recipes for my pups which I’m actually using at home.

Advantages of homemade dog-food toppers

Your dog never get tired of eating.

If you feed your pet a ready-made dog food every day, your pup may get tired of its taste and lose his appetite.

Many dog owners around me are often worried that their dogs don’t eat much dog food.

Even if they change the brand of dog food, they get bored of eating it soon and won’t eat much.

This is where dog-food toppers come in.

If you add something on top of you dog’s diet, your lovely pup would be happy to eat it.

In my case, when feeding my pups, I add dog-food toppers roughly once every two days. They obviously have more appetite for diet with toppers.

It is also recommended for picky eaters.

Adding nutritional value

Nowadays, most of dog foods are said to be “total nutrition diet” which can supply enough nutrients by themselves.

However, it seems some dry kibble do not have enough moisture and some contain additives or others don’t include enough meat from proper parts.

Therefore, there is an advantage that you can add nutritional value to your dog’s diet by adding something like meat, vegetables or fruits.

Just easy making

If you cook a proper meal for your dog from scratch, it can be time consuming as you need to boil and mix and so on.

However, when it comes to dog-food toppers, in many cases, you just need to cut and put on the top of usual dog food, so it takes less time and effort.

In my case, while cooking boiled dishes, I summer Japanese radish or carrot for my dogs and take out before seasoning so it doesn’t need effort at all.

Dog-food toppers recipes

My dogs have a meal twice a day, in the morning and evening.

I usually top dry food with wet food, and I add vegetables on top of dog food once every two days.

Here are some recipes that my little ones love to eat.

Simple topper that’s so easy!


As you can see in the picture above, the topping is quite simple.

I just top usual dry food with torn lettuce, dried sardine for pets and wet food.

Even if you want to make a topper but don’t have time, you can make it right away.

It might be a good idea to let your child help you.

My dogs ate up their meals.

It is convenient that dried sardine for dogs and cats is commercially sold in Japan.

It might be better not to give dried sardine for human to your dog because some may be salted or seasoned.

Hot dog-food topper recommended on cold days

■My lovely dogs having “Wait”

Topping with boiled radish, pumpkin, cabbage, and wet food with lots of meat.

It was chilly on the day, so I made everything except dry food “Hot”.

My meal was simmered Japanese radish and pumpkin, so I boiled those vegetables for my dogs’ topper and took them out of the pot before seasoning.

It is so easy that I can make the topper while cooking for myself.

As for cabbage, all you have to do is to put a small amount of water and cabbage into a heat-resistant container, cover it with plastic wrap and microwave it for 30 seconds.

Also I microwaved wet food for a few seconds.

I cut Japanese radish into cubes, so it seemed to be chewy and my dogs loved to bite.

Recommended for hot days, dog-food toppers with a high water


Much like people, dogs need to drink enough fluid on hot days than usual.

This is toppers with watermelon with a lot of moisture and nutritious banana.

I also added wet food and broccoli that my dogs like.

As watermelon contains much water, I recommend this recipe to dogs who don’t drink fluid much.

I chose wet food with a lot of moisture.

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. Since it’s sweet, my dogs love to eat it.

But you should be careful not to give it too much.


How was today’s topic? Dog-food toppers have a lot of good aspects such as boosting your dog’s appetite and adding nutritional value with little effort by just adding vegetables, fruits or meat to your dog’s usual diet.

Some dogs may have allergies, so why don’t you choose ingredients which suit for your dog so that you can make your own original recipe!

When you add toppers, please don’t forget to adjust your dog’s calorie intake by reducing the amount of dog food.

Release date: 2019/11/20, Last updated: 2020/03/16