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Cats hate shampoo! Measures to familiarize cats with water and baths


Cats are not good at shampooing because their fur doesn’t dry easily and their smell disappears.

But if you are concerned about the dirt and smell of cats, you need to shampoo them regularly.

Many owners say, “It’s really hard.” because they have to chase fleeing cats and dry them.

I feel I can’t overcome it unless I introduce “The water area is fun!” to cats.

Here are some of the steps I take to shampoo my cat and make sure it follows.

Three Timings to Shampoo Your Cat

It is said that basically there is no need for shampoo because cats are grooming creatures.

For short-haired cats, brushing can remove dirt well, but for long-haired cats, shampoo is recommended once a month.

Cats are said to be “odorless” because they basically lack sweat glands.

However, cats that have not undergone contraception or castration have a marking odor when estrus begins.

When you feel the smell of cat mark is bad,

When you have castrated and sterilized, and you are completely indoors, but you are concerned about the smell of the cat.

In this case, you should use the following as a guide for shampooing.

(1)When you are concerned about the appearance of dirt around your stomach and legs.
(2)When you are concerned about the smell of daily life or around your buttocks.
(3)The season when a lot of summer hair falls out.

What should I do to be able to shampoo my cat quickly?

The first thing you need to do is to get your cat’s body wet, but if you get hot water out of the shower from the start, your cat will definitely make a “the end of the world” sound.

Cats don’t like the sound of the shower.

It’s a little troublesome, but cats feel relieved if you use a washbowl to pour hot water.

Shampoo procedure

You wash the cat from the neck down with your fingertips up.

The neck is a place where cats cannot reach because of grooming.

In addition, it is basic to wash the neck first so that ticks do not escape to the cat’s neck.

If you wash with both hands, the cat runs away and chases and catches it repeatedly.

If you put one hand under the cat’s armpit and put the front foot up, you can wash well.

Please wash your cat quickly. The order is as follows.

Neck – > back – > stomach – > tail – > legs, hands – > hip

I think cats will be happy if you play relaxation music.

If you can’t hold your cat, you can wash it easily by putting your cat’s hand on the edge of the bathtub.

Around the hips is the part that cats hate the most.

The key is to wash gently while using your palm well.

The face uses a wet towel.

It’s hard to remove dirt from your face, so I think it’s best to wipe it lightly at the end.

As a finishing touch of shampoo, wipe with a wet hand towel at the end.

When your face gets wet, the cat will get really angry, so apologize honestly and say ‘SORRY!’.

Please be careful not to let water get in the ears and eyes.

Press the shower head against the cat

It can’t be avoided “rinse”.

If the shower is too strong, the cat will run away.

So, it’s better to push the shower head to the cat and flush it.

If you put the shower head on the cat’s body and make sure the cat doesn’t get splashed with water, the cat won’t be scared.

Rinse thoroughly enough.

At this point, many cats seem to be “discontent explosion”.

Tips for drying your cat after shampooing

If you give up here just because the cat is about to explode and leave it without drying it, the cat will catch a cold, so be careful.

It will be convenient if you prepare some big bath towels.

Cats don’t like to be wiped with a bath towel, so it’s hard to dry them.

Here’s my family’s “Three rules for drying cats”.

*About three bath towels are available for each cat.
*Choose the type that absorbs water well and write with a marker (Than the experience of many people using it incorrectly).
*Dryer’s wind is “weak”

The changing room is a great place to dry your cat, but it’s a battlefield.

When you dry your cat with a dryer, it reacts to the sound more than the wind and the cat runs away.

If you set the dryer to “strong” to dry your cat quickly, you’ll almost certainly escape.

When using the “weak function” dryer, the sound is small, so the cat will feel at ease.

I two-shampooed my cat and the cat’s fur became dry.

There are people who do two-shampoo on the day they apply hairdressing because they want to wash it off well.
*Two-shampoo is to wash with shampoo, rinse with shower, and shampoo again.

Actually, I have done two-shampoo for my cat thinking, “You haven’t had a bath in six months, have you?”.

And I thought, “NOW YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!”.

However, the moisture, luster and moisture of the cat’s fur were lost at once. I regret it.

How can a cat become a shampoo lover?

Cats don’t like water and don’t like loud noises, so it takes time to overcome the noise of the shower and dryer. So I came up with some plans to get my cat used to the water.

To let a cat play with water

If you make a cat think, ‘The water place is fun.’, it seems that it loses its sense of dislike.

At first, he started playing with the water from the toilet tank.

Cats started to put their hands in the faucet water and eventually started playing by wetting their bodies.

When cleaning the bathroom, the cat actively played with cleaning tools instead of closing the door.

Cats react to the foam that comes out when cleaning, so I think it’s necessary to make them interested in it without thinking it’s harmful.

Give the cat some running water

I think many owners usually give water for cats in containers.

My cat drinks water directly from the faucet.

My cat seems to have become a faucet lover in search of fresh water.

My cat doesn’t move even if I take a shower now.

I let my cat go to wet places.

My cat created an environment where he could move freely even in wet places, and as a result, he could overcome water and shower.

Cats are also learning creatures, so you may get good results if you play with them while “practice around the water”.

Shampoo cats by yourself is a hard work.

Some people feel that shampoo for cats is troublesome because their clothes get soaked.

My mother was strong and was washing her cat with her while she was taking a bath.

She used to let cats swim in the bathtub boldly when she rinsed them.

My naked mother and a cat swimming in the bathtub… it was an indescribable sight…

Why don’t you try this method?


Cat shampoo is not compulsory, so you can wash your neck and stop it if you don’t like it.

I think it’s the comfort of the place that cats don’t hesitate to shampoo and water.

If the owner thinks “Shampoo is a pain in the neck.”, the cat may not cooperate with “I don’t want to take a bath!”.

I tried to get my cat used to water, and now I can shampoo without resistance.

It might work well if you let your cat get used to “Water, sound and wind” while playing with it.

My cat was scared at first, but I feel the growth and understanding of cats are really amazing.

Professional trimmer shampooing takes about 10 minutes, so you may need to wash it in a short time.

Please do your best not to be thought “poor” by cats!